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Dubai has been famously creating architectural and engineering marvels: from the 830m tall Burj Khalifa, to the artificial archipelago of Palm Jumeirah, and to literally imprinting the world map as Dubai territory through a cluster of manmade islands called The World. Seen as an increasingly ambitious effort in pushing the boundary of exaggerated offering: touching sky, conquering sea, recreating world… further projecting the desire would see a seemingly wild but “sensible” next move – constructing artificial planets that float above the city. These planets will become Dubai’s new wonder in attracting global investors, where zillionaires can now own their private planet and be the king of their own world. Here, “Do-Buy” becomes a propaganda that feeds onto the utopic science-fiction dream, extrapolating on the demand of hyper-consumerism to paint a viable future. In the race of promising extravagant lifestyle, Dubai – the beautiful city by the coast of Persian Gulf has slowly associates itself with the marketing pitch of “Do Buy!”

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